Torcuaters! 😎

Do you want more of the #BotxoContest ? There you have a little video with some of the best moments from this edition 2021. Just a little premiere!

The official video comes with lots of tricks and good vibes from one of the best editions ever and will be uploaded soon to the Bilbobladers social networks.

💥Get the popcorn ready!! 🍿 

UPDATE: We just upladed the official video of the Botxo Contest 2021 by Bilbobladers, courtesy of Refresco.tv

Big thanks to Bilbobladers Club and all the Sponsors of the event, special thanks to our parntner OSSO Skateparks for the huge new module mounted for the event (designed by Fun Riders 😉 which made the competicion even better than the previous editions.

We hope this is the begining of lots of events like this one.

See you next year!